Mad Trans Dreams

Visions and Resistance from outside Norms of Gender and Mental Health

My commitments during the Trump administration

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Give. I will step up my giving. I will donate more money to more places more regularly, with an emphasis on community organizing, survival, and culture. At least 90% of the money I give will go to organizations run by women of color, disabled people of color, disabled women, disabled queer and trans people, queer and trans people of color, or disabled queer and trans women of color. I will also give more often and more generously to individuals.

Act. I will do my best to intervene in interpersonal and state violence that unfolds around me. I will volunteer somewhat more than I already do, responding to requests from individuals and organizations as accountably and helpfully as I can. Some of these ways will use my legal, writing, or education skills. Some will not.  At the moment, this looks like it may involve continuing to volunteer with the Sylvia Rivera Law Project and Black and Pink, while also doing newer work with two or more of CUNY Citizenship Now, the Arab-American Association of New York Accompany Project, the Muslim Justice League, and ad hoc disability justice projects.

Connect. I will check in with my family and friends, get more involved in Muslim communities, talk to neighbors, and be kind to strangers.

Be vocal. This may look a lot of different ways, like participating in social media campaigns, showing up for protests, calling my elected officials, wearing movement paraphernalia, signing petitions, writing articles, putting up posters, or starting conversations with people in my life who seem to be doing or saying hurtful/oppressive things. I will not limit myself to situations where I think my saying something will likely make a concrete difference in a foreseeable way, or to situations where I think I can do things perfectly.

Bear witness. When people in my life share ways that they have been harmed with me, I will listen. I will keep their secrets if they wish, or share their stories if they wish. Even if I can’t handle reading all of the coverage of state and interpersonal violence in the moment, I will save documents about it. I will pay attention.

Learn. I will keep reading, listening, and discussing. I will learn more about history, including the history of the Trail of Tears, Japanese internment, COINTELPRO, and Special Registration, and the ways that people not directly impacted both colluded and resisted. I will learn more about the work that marginalized communities have been doing for centuries to survive, resist, and transform. I will learn about and from my own mistakes. I will learn about current events in various parts of the world. I will learn about and from other people’s ideas about how to respond to ongoing, aggravated, and new injustices.

Self-protect. I will take measures to care for my own heart, health, and safety.

Carry on. I will do my best to keep up with the obligations of ordinary life.



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