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Visions and Resistance from outside Norms of Gender and Mental Health

“Boys Do Cry” Violence against Trans Men is Real #allshallbeequal

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Freeing Ky

I was moved to tears when I woke up to the Advocate’s “Boys Don’t Cry” series.  It will be a week long series focusing on issues that are faced by trans men, but are never talked about and are often disregarded.  Many trans men suffer in silence, primarily because trans women (especially women of color) live in much greater risk. This series is in NO WAY trying to undermine or demean the horrific dangers that trans women face. It simply brings awareness to stories and issues that highlight the reality that trans violence is  NOT exclusive to women.  Until society fully understands what it means to be transgender, most will continue to see trans men as women, rather than how they identify as men. And what of those who are non-binary? The media seems only to focus on transphobia and trans violence when a woman is tragically killed. But what of…

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