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Visions and Resistance from outside Norms of Gender and Mental Health

List of books, articles, and blog posts about transness and disability

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I created this list recently for someone who asked. Some of these pieces I absolutely love. Others I have some real frustrations with. A few I haven’t yet read. Some are poetry collections, some are academic articles, some are newspaper articles, some are personal narratives, some are zines, some are fiction. What is missing from this list?

Gabriel Arkles, Bringing Disability Justice to Analysis of Trans* Legal Issues, NUSL Blogs (May 24, 2014),

Gabriel Arkles, Gun Control, Mental Illness, and Black Trans and Lesbian Survival, 42 Southwestern L. Rev. 855 (2013),

Janani Balasubramanian, #EatingDisordersAreForWhiteWomen, Black Girl Dangerous (Feb. 17, 2014),

Baril, Alexandre (2014). “Exploring Ableism and Cisnormativity in the Conceptualization of Identity and Sexuality ‘Disorders,'” Annual Review of Critical Psychology 11.

Baril, Alexandre. (2015). “Needing to Acquire a Physical Impairment/Disability: (Re)Thinking the Connections Between Trans and Disability Studies Through Transability”, Translator: Catriona LeBlanc, Hypatia: Journal of Feminist Philosophy, Special Issue: New Conversations in Feminist Disability Studies, 30, 1.

Baril, Alexandre (2015). “Transness as Debility: Rethinking intersections between trans and disabled embodiments,” Special Issue: Frailty and Debility, Feminist Review, no. 111. 
Gabriel Charonzec, Accessing Mental Health Care While Trans (2013),

Simone Chess et al, Calling All Restroom Revolutionaries!, in THAT’S REVOLTING! (Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, ed. 2010).



Cecilia Chung, Cecilia Chung Speaks on Trans Women Living with HIV (2014),

Michael Davidson, Pregnant Men: Modernism, Disability, and Biofuturity, in SEX AND DISABILITY (Robert McRuer and Anna Mollow, ed. 2012).

Reina Gossett, APA Revises Manual: Being Transgender Is No Longer A Mental Disorder (Dec. 3, 2012),

Harlow, My Experience with Discrimination (2015),

Lucas Hildebrand, Dear Rhys Ernst: LUCAS HILDERBRAND ON RHYS ERNST’S “DEAR LOU SULLIVAN” Visual AIDS (March 2, 2015),

Alyssa Hillary, On the Erasure of Queer Autistic People,

Tori Jezebel, I Get It (2013),

Anson Koch-Rein, Special Needs and Rainbows: Narratives of Disability in Parenting Blogs on Transgender Children

Jennifer H. Levi and Bennett H. Klein, Pursuing Protection for Transgender People through Disability Laws, in Transgender Rights (Paisley Currah, Richard Juang, and Shannon Minter, ed. 2006).

Kyle Lukoff, Taking Up Space, in Gender Outlaws (Kate Bornstein and S. Bear Bergman, ed. 2010).

Lee Lyubov, How to be an Ally to Disabled & Neurodiverse Folks in Activist & Academic Communities, Queer Mental Health (July 16, 2012),

Mia Mingus, Moving Toward the Ugly: A Politic Beyond Desirability, Leaving Evidence (Aug. 22, 2011)

Rebecca Minnich, Don’t Mess with these Girls, POZ Magazine (Aug. 2004),

Ashley Mog, Bathrooms as Trans and Crip Spaces of Contestation,

Michael Scott Monje, Jr., Defiant (2015).

Leroy Moore/Kay Ulanday Barrett, Trans Man of Color with a Disability, Kay Ulanday Barrett, Breaks It Down Poetically, Politically & Personally, Poor Magazine (Nov. 25, 2013)


Jasbir K. Puar, Bodies with New Organs: Becoming Trans, Becoming Disabled,

Sylvia Rivera (STAR) and Arthur Bell (Gay Activist Alliance) interview Chris Thompson for GAY FLAMES 1970,

Matthew Rodriguez,Raquel Sapien Shares Her Life as an Openly HIV-Positive, Trans Activist, The Body (Jan. 8 2015),

Princess Harmony Rodriguez, You Can Be Loved: For Those of Us Who Live With Mental Illness, Black Girl Dangerous (June 3, 2015)

Kayla Rosen, Today’s Identity of the Day Is… (2015).

Ellen Samuels, Critical Divides: Judith Butler’s Body Theory and the Question of Disability, in FEMINIST DISABILITY STUDIES (Kim Q. Hall, ed. 2011).

Chase Strangio, Debating ‘Gender Identity Disorder’ and Justice for Trans People Huffington Post (Dec. 5, 2012)

Abby L. Wilkerson, Normate Sex and Its Discontents, in SEX AND DISABILITY (Robert McRuer and Anna Mollow, ed. 2012).

Tarynn Witten, End of life, chronic illness, and trans-identities, Journal of Social Work in End-of-Life & Palliative Care 01/2014; 10(1):34-58.


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