Mad Trans Dreams

Visions and Resistance from outside Norms of Gender and Mental Health


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Check out this post by Janani Balasubramanian on Black Girl Dangerous:

“February is national eating disorders awareness month.  I mostly have bitterness for it, not just for the winter and its cold, but for the reality that the cold was once much harsher against my much sicker, smaller body.  And that once, I had nothing but shame for the experience. My eating disorder took up most of my teenage-hood.  Younger me had plenty of media representations of people with eating disorders.  Trouble is, they were exclusively representations of white, skinny ciswomen.  Every year, a white, skinny cis woman would come talk at my health class or school assembly about her experience.  This wasn’t a mirror for me to look into; it was a portrait of why I had an eating disorder to begin with….”


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